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'Maestro in Blue' Island Filming Locations Explained

Take A Trip To A Beautiful Greek Island With Netflix’s ‘Maestro in Blue’

The post Take A Trip To A Beautiful Greek Island With Netflix’s ‘Maestro in Blue’ appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

Maestro in Blue follows a somewhat conflicted musician, Orestis, who arrives on the island of Paxos in Greece for a music festival. The sun-drenched Netflix series was filmed on location on the island, giving the show a picturesque look to backdrop its tale of romance taking a nasty turn.

Season 1 and 2 Filming Locations

Season 1 and 2 of Maestro in Blue were filmed on Paxos, a quaint and beautiful Greek island.

Paxos is part of the Ionian Islands, found in the Ionian Sea, and desperately scenic. There are plenty of beaches and stretches of sun-splashed sea that make the island a destination for the more discerning vacationer.

Of course, the island has a history steeped in legend and tradition, and avoids any hustle and bustle, instead focusing on being as chill as is humanly possible. The majority of filming for the show was done here, as the show is also set there, so it’s a no-brainer for the production team to use the fascinating landscape of the island to create to juxtapose the seedier side of the storyline.

Although there is no real music festival held on the island, as depicted in Season 1, there is no lack of musicians who perform there.

Other locations used include Corfu and Athens, but the majority of the filming occurred on Paxos.

Production Teams and Timeline

Maestro in Blue was a major production for The Mega Channel on Greek TV, becoming the second most expensive show the network produced.

  • Casting started in 2020, and some bad timing meant that the shoot would take place over the next two years, starting in July 2021 and going on to February 2022.
  • Season 1 was released in October 2022.
  • Maestro in Blue was renewed for a second run in November 2022, before the first season had ended it’s run.
  • Filming started on Season 2 in April of 2023.
  • Season 2 dropped straight onto Netflix, bringing the project to a worldwide audience on May 16th, 2024.

Paxos in Greece, used for filming Season 1 and 2 of Maestro in Blue

Who directed Maestro In Blue?

The showrunner behind Maestro in Blue is Christopher Papakaliatis, who would create, write, direct, and appear in the show.

An article in The Greek Reporter would reveal that the show’s frontman is very proud of the series. Papakaliatis said:

“I hold Maestro very close to my heart and I feel deeply honored and happy that this story will travel around the world through Netflix. I’m looking forward to this journey.”

He goes on to elaborate:

“I am very proud of this project because I think that artistically it is a unique moment, not only for me but for everyone who was involved. I am extremely lucky, because thanks to these actors, the story of ‘Maestro’ acquired meaning and substance. To me that matters. To be able to tell your story in the best possible way and for it to make sense.”

The post Take A Trip To A Beautiful Greek Island With Netflix’s ‘Maestro in Blue’ appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.