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Everything We Know About Netflix's 'Geek Girl' Adaptation

Geek Girl: Netflix Will Bring Intriguing YA Novel to Life in May 2024

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Based on the bestselling book series, Netflix is looking for a May release for their take on Geek Girl. The show, produced by Waterside Studios, Nelvana, Ruby Rock Pictures, and Aircraft Pictures, hopes to capture the essence of the popular books aimed at young adults.

Geek Girl Plot Summary and First Thoughts

The show is based on a series of books by UK author Holly Smale, who penned six books in the series between 2013 and 2017. The term Geek Girl itself does already feel kind of dated, and it may have been a thing back in 2013, but over a decade down the line, I wonder if the label already feels tired.

The official blurb for the series reads: “Awkward teen Harriet has always wanted to fit in. Until she gets scouted by a top London model agent and learns that some people are meant to stand out.”

It’s not the most original or unique premise, and this has been done before, however, I know I am not the target audience for this show. What is clear is that the series already has an eager audience of book fans who will surely drive up the numbers on the Netflix version.

At this point, it’s unclear whether all of the books are being adapted. The series is billed as limited, which implies there are no plans for a second season. If that’s the case, there’s a chance that all of Harriet’s story could have been adapted at once.

Geek Girl Release Date

The show is set to drop on May 30th, 2024. Netflix has confirmed that the TV adaptation of Geek Girl will consist of ten episodes.

Cast Explained

Emily Carey | Image via Marie Claire UK

The main cast of Geek Girl has been revealed.

For the role of Harriet Manners, Rob Kelly Casting would launch a campaign to find the titular character. The release would say:

“We are searching for an exceptional female for our lead role Harriet Manners, based on the best-selling books by Holly Smale. Performers must be 18+ to play 16 years old. Performers who are neuro-divergent are encouraged to submit.”

Emily Carey was eventually picked for the part.

Tim Downie, whom you might know from Outlander, plays Richard Manners. Sarah Parish also stars in a main role, along with a supporting cast including:

  • Jemima Rooper
  • Sandra Yi Sencindiver
  • Alana Boden
  • Madeleine Price
  • Hersha Verity
  • Alexandra Chaves
  • Hebe Beardsall
  • Catherine de serve
  • Daisy Jelley
  • Rochelle Harrington
  • Zac Looker
  • Mia Jenkins

Holly Smale’s Debut Novel Explained

Everything We Know About Netflix's 'Geek Girl' Adaptation

Holly Smale | Image via BBC

Holly Smale would release her debut novel Cassandra in Reverse in 2023, aiming at an adult audience. The book oddly has two titles, released in the UK as The Cassandra Complex and in the US as Cassandra in Reverse.

Smale herself would be diagnosed with autism when she was thirty-nine and would become an advocate of neurodiversity. The novel follows Cassandra Penelope Dankworth, who is also subsequently diagnosed with autism in her thirties. The fantasy novel features time travel and Cassandra’s ability to rewind moments and change the outcome. The book focuses on Cassandra’s arc towards self-belief.

Some of these elements, particularly the female focus and neurodivergence element, are also factors in Geek Girl.

The post Geek Girl: Netflix Will Bring Intriguing YA Novel to Life in May 2024 appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.