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The Veil Episode 4 Preview - Will the Attack Take Place?

Will The Terror Attack Take Place In ‘The Veil’ Episode 4?

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The Veil is making a habit of not giving away any more information than it needs to, but Episode 3, “The Asset”, dropped several big clues about what might really be going on. Episode 4 should untangle these threads further, especially adding clarity around Imogen’s backstory and motivations.

But the big question is whether or not the terror attack, which seems eerily close to success, gets pulled off as early as the next episode. Imogen and the world’s intelligence services don’t seem remotely close to being able to stop it yet.

Will The Attack Take Place?

We learned in Episode 3 that the terror plot was to smuggle two radioactive cores to the East Coast of the United States on a Bulgarian naval vessel. What we don’t know — yet — is how or indeed whether Adilah is connected to this plan, and that will likely be the link that allows Imogen to thwart it.

For what it’s worth I don’t believe the attack will take place at all, certainly not in Episode 4, but the ship’s voyage to the U.S. will make for a nice ticking-clock device in the meantime.

Who Left Adilah the Note?

Towards the end of Episode 3, Adilah was approached by a strange man who offered to pay for her drink. He also left her a note:

The Veil | Image via FX/Hulu

As you can see in the screenshot, the note reads as follows:

Meet me tomorrow 20:00 Le Rik. Bring her this has to end. E.

There are two obvious questions here. One is who is “her” — probably either Imogen or Yasmina, though I’m assuming Yasmina. The other question is who is “E”?

The identity of E remains a bit of a mystery but I feel like the idea of Adilah having to take Yasmina somewhere and the whole “this has to end” thing implies that she’s essentially borrowing the kid. I know the DNA stuff technically proves their relationship, but I’m pretty convinced there’s something amiss here. If Yasmina is revealed to not be Adilah’s child, that vindicates Imogen’s suspicions that Adilah is the Djinn of Al Raqqa.

So, something to keep an eye on.

What happened in Morocco in 2013?

Imogen was able to press Max into finding out whether the CIA ordered her father’s assassination by referencing Morocco in 2013, so something obviously happened there that compromises Max. He doesn’t strike me as someone who’d do anyone favors without being blackmailed into it, least of all a foreign agent.

It’s clear at this point that Morocco, Imogen, Imogen’s father, and the CIA are all connected. If proving that the CIA killed her father and then avenging that act is Imogen’s primary goal, then that may make everything to do with Adilah completely secondary. If that’s the case, can Imogen be relied upon to thwart the terror attack if Adilah is revealed to be an ISIS commander?

The Veil Episode 4 Release Date and Where to Watch

The Veil Episode 4 will be released on Tuesday, May 14, at approximately 3 am ET/7 am GMT. The show is an FX production, though episodes also stream on Hulu shortly after they air.

The post Will The Terror Attack Take Place In ‘The Veil’ Episode 4? appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.