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A Man in Full Filming Locations Explained

‘A Man in Full’ Can’t Be Separated From Its Atlanta Setting

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A Man in Full is an adaptation of the classic Tom Wolfe novel, a bleakly comedic corporate character study about Charlie Croker, a former Georgia Tech football star turned Trumpian real estate tycoon. As you might have noticed, the Atlanta, Georgia setting is very important in the Netflix adaptation of the story, and the limited series was filmed there to stay as true to the source material as possible.

Filming Locations Breakdown

Truist Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia, visible in A Man in Full

With the story set in Atlanta, it is a no-brainer that the crew would also want to shoot the show there, adding to the authenticity of the production and making sure that people who live in Atlanta would be able to watch the series and identify the more iconic landmarks featured in the six-episode run.

Atlanta is no stranger to film crews and has a bit of a reputation for being a nice location to film in with various shows being recorded there including Ozark, Stranger Things, The Resident, and MacGyver. Look out for some of the more imposing buildings in Atlanta making an appearance in the show, including Truist Plaza at 303 Peachtree Street, which is the 28th highest building in the US, and the Bank of America Plaza at 600 West Peachtree Street Northwest that is the 23rd highest building in the US.

An article in PrimeTimer confirms the use of the city, saying,

“A Man in Full, stands out just by virtue of featuring the Bank of America Plaza in both its posters and in the skyline view from the view of an office building.”

Production Timeline Explained

Here’s a brief timeline of how A Man in Full was adapted from page to screen:

  • The original novel was written by Tom Wolfe in 1998, and his work has always attracted filmmakers with varying degrees of success.
  • By April 2022, it was already announced that Jeff Daniels was cast in the lead role.
  • Diane Lane was revealed to also star in July 2022.
  • A casting call for extras was made in November 2022.
  • A date for filming was confirmed as Wednesday, November 9th, 2022.
  • Filming was set to start in May 2022, but delays led to the filming being postponed.
  • Shooting did not commence until August 8th, 2022.
  • The shoot ran until December 10th, 2022.
  • A Man in Full was released globally on May 2, 2024.

The Team Behind ‘A Man in Full’

David E. Kelley and Regina King are the showrunners behind this series, and those names will be very familiar to you.

Kelley has eleven Emmys behind him and worked on shows such as Big Little Lies, Boston Legal, L. A. Law and the Netflix shows The Lincoln Lawyer and Anatomy of a Scandal.

The Oscar-winning King is in the director’s chair for at least half the episodes, and you will have seen the name attached to This is Us, Shameless, The Good Doctor, and Animal Kingdom. 

The production company King’s Royal Ties is behind the show and Mathew Tinker is a named executive producer.

The post ‘A Man in Full’ Can’t Be Separated From Its Atlanta Setting appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.