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‘Trying’ Season 4, Episode 5: Nikki Learns a Big Upsetting Secret on Mother’s Day

‘Trying’ Season 4, Episode 5: Nikki Learns a Big Upsetting Secret on Mother’s Day

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It’s Mother’s Day in Trying Season 4, Episode 5, and Nikki still suspects something is wrong with her adopted daughter Princess. But despite a big secret being revealed at the end of the fifth chapter that hurts Nikki, there is light at the end of the tunnel as the series continues to bring wholesome moments to soothe the soul.

Scott’s Rowing Podcast

Scott is becoming a meme at this point. Since he’s committed to rowing the Atlantic Ocean, which feels impossible at this point as he has zero experience, he’s also created some branding around his adventure, plus a podcast, much to the dismay of his disrespectful wife, Karen.

He interviews a seasoned Ocean adventurer named Sally Trent, and despite the unprofessionalism of the recording, he becomes spooked by her dangerous experiences. Scott is biting off more than he can chew.

Jason’s Team-Building Exercise

Midlife crises are real. I’ve seen them firsthand with my parents. But Jason’s at least funny about them. He’s obviously dreamed about being a football manager all his life, and he fancies himself a bit too much now that he coaches a group of misfit kids.

He takes the team to an “Escape Room” experience to help them build confidence together. He ends up overstepping his mark as he enters the building’s office with his friend, believing it’s one of the escape rooms. It’s a success, though, as the kids break their escape room in record time (well, they cheated).

But I like this storyline purely because it shows a dad being a dad—goofy, stupid, and believing he’s a serious coach.

Nikki Learns of Princess’s Secret at the Mother’s Day Spa

Princess tells Nikki the truth about searching for her birth mom, Kat, while having a massage in Trying Season 4, Episode 5 (Credit – Apple TV+)

Nikki, Karen, Princess, and Killy head to a spa. But something is griping Nikki — she knows something is afoot with Princess, and she badgers Karen about it. Karen pretends to know nothing, but privately, she confronts Princess and tells her she must tell Nikki about trying to find her birth mom. Unfortunately, Nikki is nearby in the steam room, and she overhears their conversation. I felt sorry for Nikki here — her daughter and best friend kept a big secret from her. It must have hurt.

Understandably, Nikki confronts Karen, and she’s furious. She’s even more angry when she learns that they were looking for the birth mom, Kat, in Brighton for the road trip. But the situation is far too heated between the women, and they fall out.

Realizing what has happened, Princess joins her mother for a massage and talks about the elephant in the room—Kat. Nikki holds back the tears and tells Princess that what she does in life does not hurt her, and she claims she is tough. It’s a poignant moment between mother and daughter as they strengthen their bond with each other. It’s undoubtedly complicated when families adopt, but Trying proves that family is family, regardless of blood.

Trying Season 4, Episode 5 ends with Princess talking to her parents about the search for her birth mom, Kat. Jason and Nikki tell her they do not think she wants to be found, so they protect her from being hurt by the situation. But the plot thickens — Princess visits Bev’s grave, and she can see flowers there already for Mother’s Day. The flowers are addressed to “mum,” which means that Kat put them on the grave, as she is Bev’s daughter. The flowers are also from a florist nearby.

And so, Trying Season 4 continues to push this important narrative, solidifying the fourth installment as Princess’s story more than anything.

The post ‘Trying’ Season 4, Episode 5: Nikki Learns a Big Upsetting Secret on Mother’s Day appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.