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The Story Behind Chef César Román

The Story Behind Chef César Román, As Seen In Netflix’s ‘Cooking Up Murder’

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Netflix documentary Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of Cesar Roman takes a deep dive into a disturbing murder case that implicates a successful Spanish chef who built a career in the spotlight marinated in a sauce of lies and deadly secrets.

César Román Story Explained

Roman was a Spanish chef and restauranteur who was romantically linked to Heidi Paz. However, in 2018 he would be arrested for the murder of Heidi, who was only twenty-five years old.

Horrifically, the body of Heidi, who had been working for him at the time, was found dismembered in a suitcase, and Cesar had left Madrid to escape being captured. He would even work as a chef again, this time in Zaragoza, where he changed his identity to try and remain undetected.

Roman’s plan would not work though, and after a three-month manhunt, he would be arrested for the murder and brought to trial. Cesar would insist that he was innocent, and would say that Heidi was instead murdered by a drug cartel, but the chef was found guilty of the murder in 2021.

It was later revealed that the couple had been having relationship difficulties, and Heidi was killed after the two had arranged to meet to discuss their situation. Cesar’s whole life seemed to be steeped in lies and deceit though, with many alleging that he was not a good chef at all, and had managed to get ahead in business and politics by creating different identities to hide behind.

Roman’s charisma seemed to win people over, but his dark and murderous side would soon manifest, leading to the tragic case that would shock and enthrall Europe.

The Meaning Behind King of Cachopo

Cesar was often called “The King of Cachopo”.

Cachopo is a traditional Asturian dish that comes from Spain and is made from two large schnitzels wrapped around a filling. The filling would usually be pork and cheese, but there are some variables too.

Cesar earned his nickname due to his skill in preparing the dish.

Cesar Roman | Image via Netflix

Is Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering The Story Of César Román based on a true story?

Yes, the story is real, and the show is a true crime documentary consisting of three episodes telling the story behind the horrific crime.

The titles of each episode feature the word “King” to tie in with Cesar’s nickname “The King of Cachopo”. The episodes include real footage of interviews, and footage from the trial itself.

Is Cesar Roman still in prison?

Cesar Roman was sentenced to serve at least fifteen years and is still in jail today. He was also ordered to pay two hundred and fifty thousand Euros to the victim’s children and mother.

Cesar would appeal against the verdict in 2022, but the court would reject his appeal.

The post The Story Behind Chef César Román, As Seen In Netflix’s ‘Cooking Up Murder’ appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.