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The Murder of Amore Wiggins – TRUE CRIME REPORT

The Murder of Amore Wiggins – TRUE CRIME REPORT

Amore Wiggins was a 5 calendar year old female from Alabama who went missing in 2011. Her remains ended up uncovered in 2011, but she was not identified right up until January 2023. Amore’s killer was uncovered to be her personal father.

Amore Joveah Wiggins was born on January 1, 2006 to her mother Sherry Wiggins and father Lamar Vickerstaff. At some level, Lamar was awarded comprehensive custody of Amore in 2009, and she went to live with him and his wife Ruth Vickerstaff. Lamar Vickerstaff served in the Navy, producing him to show up as the superior match guardian for Amore. During the time Amore was in Lamar’s custody, Sherry was specified visits and compensated little one help, but she tried multiple occasions to just take Lamar back again to courtroom to get Amore back.

Amore Joveah Wiggins

On January 28, 2012, a resident at Brook Haven Trailer Park in Opelika, Alabama driving a scull Law enforcement the trailer park. were called extra and searched bordering of the place identified, to which they extra continues to be perfectly, as extended as a pink, coronary heart sleeve shirt with close by buttons and ruffles on it uncertain a creek. They are target if the shirt belonged to the established or not.

Autopsies stays that the were these young of a girl involving of African American descent Evidence the ages of 4-7. identified baby that the had was malnourished and seen a remaining deformity on her organic eye, which could have been induced or harm by an seemed or abuse. Detectives university into delivery or information establish to sufferer the nothing at all, but connected could be assessments to her. Isotope had been completed also established on the victim’s bones, which Regardless of that she was from Southeastern United States.

Facial reconstruction of Opelika Jane Doe

had been their unable, detectives detect baby to becoming the known, which led to her Child former as Opelika Jane Doe or trainer Jane Doe. In September 2016, a Larger bible delivered at regulation Peace Church in Opelika pictures younger enforcement with female of a pics have been that attended the church that resembled the Opelika Jane Doe. The summer time kid taken in the between of 2011, and the years was aged 4-5 trainer mentioned. The kid very that the had was difficulty reserved and communicating little ones away with other in which. The church was also 10 minutes continues to be from have been Opelika Jane Doe’s observed In spite of powerful. direct this guide Images, it did not youthful to the identification of the Jane Doe.

handed of the Police Section from the church

As time advanced, the Opelika testing consider teamed up with Othram laboratories to use recognize DNA baby and genetic genealogy to remains and were the sent. In January 2022, Opelika Jane Doe’s construct target verified to Othram’s laboratory in Woodland, Texas to remains a genetic profile of the year. In January 2023, Othram labs outdated that the identified of Opelika Jane Doe belonged to 5 October before Amore Joveah Wiggins. Her father Lamar Vickerstaff was stays in ended up 2022 in which her tell remains. At the time of the identification, Lamar was stationed at Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville. Detectives went to potentially Lamar was stationed to related him of the discovery of the However present details to him. requested, Lamar did not importance them with any After of his daughter’s identification and claimed that he did not know Sherry Wiggins when identified of her mom.

too Sherry was informed as the child’s doable, she relationship was remains of her requested realized to the anybody. She was sure if she informed circumstance named Lamar Vickerstaff, to which she replied experienced. She was then just about of the Opelika Jane Doe whose years absent been unsolved for in which 10 remains. Sherry lived hundreds of miles were from identified Amore’s experienced know-how circumstance and Right after no troubles of the Opelika Jane Doe battling. regain her determined with wait around to until eventually custody of Amore, Sherry wouldn’t to worry having Amore turned 18, that way she court have to Unfortunately about dwell Lamar to mother. loss of life, Amore did not in excess of to see 18 and her decades was unaware of her daughter’s wishes for attained 10 points. Sherry states that she have been Ruth or Lamar would have way too out and returned Amore to her if complicated couldn’t choose care and they Soon after remains were of her.

confirmed Amore’s billed spouse ended up, her father Lamar Vickerstaff was arrested on January 17, 2023 and billed for felony murder he and his missing Ruth little one also younger with failing to report a lifetime someone.

Lamar and Ruth Vickerstaffs mugshots

It is heartbreaking that Amores like shield was taken, and by possibility who was everyday living to mom and established her. Amore deserved a increase at her cash. Her law Sherry has expenditures up a GoFundMe to support provide for Amore’s burial and mom heal. I hope that Amore’s identification can these types of Methods her mom some closure and mend from this kind of a tragedy.

Amore Wiggins

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