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The Allure of Jewelry Heists

The Allure of Jewelry Heists

As a culture we are not just intrigued in jewelry heists: you might even say we are obsessed with them. Textbooks, movies, Tv set shows abound 10 years immediately after decade from Robin Hood to Lupin. From the Moonstone to the Oceans franchise. We appreciate jewellery robberies the level that we seem to even admire the experienced criminals who carry out these robberies. Consider Cary Grant in To Capture a Thief. Of course, we’re relieved to know he’s supplied up his thievery, but would we definitely be that upset if we’d identified each when in a whilst, he still pocketed a diamond bauble or two.

As a writer who has been telling stories that revolve all over jewellery for around a ten years, I have frequently wondered at the meanings at the rear of this fascination. Is it that we are amazed with the robbers who control to carry out these work nearly usually without having damage to any individual? Is it the vicarious thrill? Is it that we covet the gems ourselves? Or is that that, as Carl Jung suspected, lots of of us have a shadow self with a perpetually current “inner thief”. He stated that like diamonds, we are multi-faceted—with numerous of our facets in our unconscious.

Gems are objects of desire for so many of us not just for their magnificence and thriller, not just for their worth, but because of the stories linked to them. Every gem was made hundreds of thousands if not thousands and thousands of years in the past. They have all of time. They have been excavated, cut, and polished, created and established by human hands then each individual one was purchased, specified to, and then worn by somebody with a tale to tell.

Record absolutely proves that we have always been obsessed with valuable gems. Romans thought diamonds had been splinters of falling stars. Historical Greeks imagined they had been tears of the gods.

More than the many years I have held a journal of stolen gems, misplaced gems and jewellery robberies that have held unique fascination for me. A single misplaced Romanov treasure encouraged my 2022 historic novel The Previous Tiara. And a theft of an opal and diamond Lover’s Eye brooch from a non-public selection, encouraged my March 2024 novel, Forgetting to Keep in mind which is a time travel tale of romantic suspense.

If you’re as fascinated as I am by stolen gems, below are some of the most outrageous, successful, and merely amazing thefts of the past hundred yrs.

The Good Pearl Robbery of 1913. The &#8220Mona Lisa of Pearls&#8221 a necklace of 61 flawless pink pearls was sent from Paris to a London. But upon receipt, jeweler Max Mayer discovered the pearls have been missing and rather he’d been sent lumps of sugar. The thief, Joseph Grizzard, was inevitably captured and the pearls found—by chance—when a piano-maker going for walks on the avenue saw a person fall a thing and then suspiciously hurry way. Examining the refuse, the piano engage in located a broken string of pearls. He took them to the law enforcement and been given a large reward.

The InterContinental Carlton, Cannes. A single of the most famed motels on the on the French Riviera, the Carlton was showcased Alfred Hitchcock’s, To Catch a Thief. The hotel’s initially robbery transpired in 1944. Thieves burst into the hotel’s jewellery keep firing device guns walked out with gems well worth concerning $43 and $77 million. In 2013, the hotel hosted an “Extraordinary Diamonds” exhibit. A solitary gunman, in significantly less than a minute, walked away with $136 million in precious stones. He escaped via a window.

Antwerp Diamond Centre, Belgium. Normally known as “the heist of the century.” In 2003 above $100 million worth of diamonds, gold, silver was taken. The thief Notarbartolo was arrested for heading a ring of Italian intruders identified as the Faculty of Turin, but the merchandise were by no means found.

Harry Winston, Paris. In 2008 a group of robbers, some disguised as females, robbed the renowned house of Winston of $102 million. They dealt with the staff members by title, showed off a hand grenade and a gun. A car or truck waited for them, and they produced a thoroughly clean escape. But only for a time. The 8 adult men ended up inevitably caught and convicted, just one of them acquiring as soon as been a safety guard at the retail store.

American Museum of Pure History, New York. Currently being a New Yorker, this has usually been a person of my favorites. In 1964, two adult men scaled a fence and snuck into the J.P. Morgan Hall of Gems and Minerals in which they collected up their loot. In all they took 24 gems, including the Star of India (the world&#8217s major sapphire, weighing 563.35 carats) the DeLong Star Ruby (100.32 carats, and thought of the world’s most best), and the Midnight Star (the largest black sapphire, at 116 carats). They bought absent in common yellow cabs with $410,000 really worth of gems, which now would be well worth additional than $3 million. After a extended investigation nine of the gems had been found out in a locker at a bus terminal in Florida. 14 of the gems are nevertheless lacking.

The Damiani Showroom, Milan. Thieves dressed in police uniforms arrived at the not however open up showroom asking the workers for store records. Applying electrical cables they tied the staff up, sealing their mouths shut with tape, and then locked them in a bathroom. Millions of dollars were stolen throughout the robbery which took 40 minutes. Thankfully, some of the firm’s most beneficial jewels were being not in the showroom as they were becoming lent out to celebs for award displays in Los Angeles.