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Everything We Know About Doctor Climax on Netflix

Steamy Anthological Netflix Series ‘Doctor Climax’ Will Tackle a Taboo

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Taboo-busting Netflix series Doctor Climax is sure to have a few tongues wagging with its open and frank look at sex and characters who inhabit an era not quite so open about the subject as we are now. Ahead of the raunchy anthology’s release, here’s everything you need to know about Thai original series.

Doctor Climax Premise Explained

Meet Doctor Nat, a dermato-venereologist who wanted to write thrilling adventure stories. However, fate steps in, and instead of action-based novels, he moonlights under the pseudonym Doctor Climax, writing a column about sex called “The Climax Question”.

The column answers questions about sex that people would not feel comfortable talking about with their peer group over dinner, as nobody wants to know about your STD while sipping Merlot. The column allows people to anonymously ask the most — ahem — burning of questions, while we also follow the personal life of Doctor Nat and his relationship problems.

Release Date

Doctor Climax is set to drop exclusively and globally on Netflix on June 13th, 2024.

Cast Explained

Chantavit Dhanasevi | Image via Viki

Doctor Climax stars:

  • Chantavit Dhanasevi as Doctor Nat, who is also Doctor Climax
  • Goy-Arachaporn Pokinpakorn as love interest Linda
  • Praew-Chermawee Suwanpanuchoke as Tukta.
  • Tonhon Tantivejakul as Permpol
  • Tob-Chaiwat Thongsang as Thong Tien

Other Thai Dramas on Netflix

Netflix has been very proactive in bringing shows from far and wide to a global audience, and there is no lack of Thai material on the streaming platform.

Of course, the content may rise and fall quite dramatically and not every show will be for every viewer, but if you are looking for something new to try, here are a couple of titles to look for.

Ready Set Love was released in February 2024 and is a lighthearted romantic show that is an easy watch.

Girl From Nowhere has a darker tone and follows a strange and mysterious teenage girl called Nanno, played by actress and singer Chicha Amatayakul, who moves around the country, attending various private schools, and makes it her mission to expose the secrets that the schools are hiding.

Let’s Eat is another romantic comedy-drama that follows the story of Toy, an insurance agent who blogs about food as a sideline. When he finds himself moving back to his hometown, he rekindles a relationship with Meow, an old childhood friend, and offers her advice on how she can win over her crush.

Here is one more for you — the Netflix original I Need Romance is a love story that follows Najal, who has become disillusioned with falling in love until she finds an old friend from her past, and romance seems to still be in the air.

Everything We Know About Doctor Climax on Netflix

Doctor Climax | Image via Netflix

Who Directed Doctor Climax?

Doctor Climax marks the directorial debut for Kongdej Jaturanrasmee in a TV series, but he has a long track record in films such as Cherm in 2005, Handle Me With Care in 2008, P-047 in 2011, So Be It in 2014, Where We Belong in 2019, and Faces of Anne, that he also wrote, in 2022.

The talented director and writer also has credits for composing too. 

The post Steamy Anthological Netflix Series ‘Doctor Climax’ Will Tackle a Taboo appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.