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Recap: The Plot Thickens In ‘Miss Night and Day’ Episodes 3 & 4

The post Recap: The Plot Thickens In ‘Miss Night and Day’ Episodes 3 & 4 appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

Episodes 3 and 4 of Miss Night and Day only prove what I said in my recap of the premiere. This isn’t the best show you’ll ever see; not the most original or interesting, not the best looking or best acted. But it’s just flatly enjoyable in an odd way that’s difficult to describe.

It melds genres and flip-flops between tones, for instance, which would be annoying in most shows but somehow works here. You can feel the creep of filler in some of the draggier sequences, but you never quite switch off because the characters are engaging and there’s always something else to be revealed just around the corner.

But don’t just take my word for it. You could always look at the viewing figures.

Ko-won Is Grateful

Episode 3 of Miss Night and Day picks up where the premiere left off, with Mi-jin narrowly avoiding vehicular calamity at the hands of a serial killer whom Ji-woong is unable to apprehend. The killer knows her name, but presumably not her secretive double life as Im Sun.

Speaking of which, Im Sun wins the Brave Intern Award and becomes the object of Ko-won’s gratitude, receiving gifts from him that she eventually declines, only acquiescing on his offer to bring her coffee every day (which does seem useful, to be fair.)

Im Sun’s dual identity is also a matter of debate with Ga-yeong, who eventually sees enough to buy into the idea, as outlandish as it is, and resolves to help out in rectifying the cat problem – which isn’t a sentence I ever thought I’d write.

Ji-woong Is On the Case

Ji-woong continues to do important detective work in Miss Night and Day Episodes 3 and 4, and also – equally important, I’m sure you’ll agree – continues to develop his relationship with Mi-jin. His department is being hamstrung by understaffing and infighting, and the case evokes personal memories of his late mother.

Ji-woong pushes an uncomfortable Mi-jin for details of her encounter with the killer, including his smell, but he doesn’t know that she and Im Sun, who is later assigned to his office, are one and the same.

Im Sun, Office Assistant

Im Sun’s new job is a subject of some concern in Episode 4. Mi-jin is excited to have her first proper job, but Ji-woong and Byung-duk plan to make her quit, believing that a woman of her age couldn’t possibly perform the tasks as efficiently as a younger assistant.

If only they knew!

The efforts to trip Im Sun up all fall flat. She can type at pace and understands Excel formulae. She’s even an expert-level rock climber. Eventually, the task of forcing her out of the door seems insurmountable.

Going Clubbing

Ji-woong and Byung-duk continue investigating the acid attacks but are thrown by the perpetrator’s obviousness, leaving easy trails to follow at every turn. The big link involves the drug Fentanyl, and the sales are traced from a high-end club where Ji-woong and Byung-duk decide to go undercover – reluctantly, with the help of Im Sun.

This is despite Ji-woong asking Mi-jin to meet him after work while giving Im Sun extra duties, which is a funny, understated way of having the body-swap premise complicate the core plot and relationship drama. Ji-woong arms Mi-jin with self-defense gear and puts a secret tracker in her phone – for her protection, of course – but it’s Im Sun who reveals a surprising facility for infiltrating clubs.

Mi-Jin Is In Danger (Again)

Im Sun transforms back into Mi-jin just in time to get inside the club, but this also lands her in danger, and Miss Night and Day Episode 4, like Episode 2 before it, ends with her on the cusp of serious bodily harm.

After infiltrating the club, Mi-jin is taken to the VIP lounge but has her hidden camera discovered while she’s trying to record evidence.

Ji-woong forces his way inside in the nick of time after losing contact with Im Sun, and the episode ends with him finding her under attack.


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The post Recap: The Plot Thickens In ‘Miss Night and Day’ Episodes 3 & 4 appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.