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Queen of Tears Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Queen of Tears Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Too Little Too Late?


Queen of Tears repositions its leads into a much more intimate entanglement, but its a little bit tricky to acquire into immediately after what weve observed so significantly.

What are we supposed to truly feel about Hyun-woo? I get that this is the hook of Queen of Tears, and its attention-grabbing to have a male guide who isnt a determined environmentally friendly flag and Im happy ended up not just undertaking Health practitioner Slump all about again. But we satisfied this person becoming so fed up with his spouse that he saw her imminent demise as a likelihood to profit, and the core ambiguity is that probably he may be starting to slide for her once more. Theres a pretty massive hole between those issues. And Episode 5 doesnt make any of this much clearer.

Theres a whole lot of engaging subtext here. The course stuff is excellent. I like that simple factors like communication complications are the root of almost each individual key difficulty that anyone has, because life is pretty a lot like that. What Im struggling with mainly is reconciling how the present obviously wants me to truly feel about Hyun-woo and this marriage with the plan that our first introduction to him was him staying so fed up with his spouse that he didnt head if she died.

Queen of Tears Episode 5 Isn’t As Intimate As It Thinks

In any case, buying up in which we remaining off in Queen of Tears Episode 4, Hyun-woo heroically rescues Hae-in from her most current fugue episode. Shes touched by the issue his household exhibits her, in particular since shes starved of this sort of items on her facet of the aisle, but shes generally perplexed by Hyun-woos unexpected desire to smooch her.

Once more, the most interesting issues below are all peripheral. Its stuff like Du-gwan panicking about the news of the divorce acquiring out following mentioning it in the village. And specifics like Hae-ins mom emotion jealous of Hae-in bonding with her in-guidelines, realizing how strained their have connection is. Confident, its petty. But all household drama is petty by definition.

Hyun-woo and Hae-in Were Damaged By Reduction

The meat of the central romance is explored by means of a deliberately imprecise flashback. It was obvious that Hyun-woo and Hae-in had difficulties over and above the clear dissimilarities in family and course, and it would seem like the catalyzing party of their marriages breakdown was the decline of a youngster.

Theres some meat on these bones for confident. Its distinct that Hyun-woo disapproves of the way Hae-in is grieving, experience its much too cold and far too shortly, but this doesnt precisely endear an audience to him both due to the fact shes obviously suffering as well, just in a unique way.

Its crystal clear this is private, and recognizing it lends a new contour to speculation from people like Mi-sunshine and Hyun-tae, who query what transpired to Hyun-woo and Hae-in to trigger this kind of a breakdown in their relationship.

Queen of Tears Season 1 Episode 5 | Image via Netflix

Eun-seong Proceeds to Scheme

We mustnt forget about Eun-seong, who has been invited by Hae-ins mother to continue to be in the guesthouse of what Soo-cheol later clarifies is a related network of Hong houses. The natural way, he will take any opportunity he can to sow seeds of discord concerning Hae-in and Hyun-woo, exaggerating Hyun-woos absence of problem about Hae-ins closeness with his spouse.

Eun-seong is carrying out this because he sees Hyun-woo as an impediment. Inspite of the Hong familys noticeable disdain for him, his belief does have some weight, so he needs to be taken out of the equation for Eun-seong to get a apparent operate-up on his options. The household is also superstitious, which amuses Eun-seong enormously.

Hae-ins Overall health Is Worsening

As if it wasnt evident from the blackout episodes, Hae-ins health and fitness is worsening and her white blood mobile count is quickly depleting, generating her ineligible for the therapy in Germany. This compels her to make grand charitable gestures, presumably emotion that she may well as properly.

Its around this time, after yet another hallucination, that Eun-seong starts finding suspicious about her wellness and asks Grace Go to search into why she hasnt been acquiring clinical checkups with the family. Hae-in remains adamant about heading to Germany for the remedy in spite of remaining instructed outright that the scientists wont carry out the method with her in this state, a conversation which Beom-ha overhears.

Hae-in eventually decides to depart for Germany irrespective, which Beom-ha informs Hyun-woo of.


Queen of Tears Episode 5 Ends With A Kiss

Studying of Hae-ins departure and seeing the interview video clip in which she unveiled her want to travel with Hyun-woo, he packs up and leaves for Germany in pursuit of her.

In Germany, Hae-in is predictably refused the treatment, and retreats to an aged place the place she and Hyun-woo had honeymooned. Hyun-woo finds her there, and the two reconcile with a teary kiss.

In a ultimate epilogue stinger, we study it was Hyun-woo who experienced drawn on Hae-ins hand previously when she experienced complained about her palms everyday living line staying much too small. Sadly, that isnt an formal health care remedy.