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Queen of Tears Episode 7 Recap


Queen of Tears proceeds to experience from getting overlong, but there is plenty of drama in the hottest episode nevertheless.

Blimey, this is substantially as well extensive, is not it? Queen of Tears is, hence significantly, a very good demonstrate, but it operates the risk of becoming a wearisome one as Time 1 progresses at these kinds of a prolonged-winded tempo. It isn’t that there is not more than enough drama to fill the runtime, as there’s a good deal likely on in Episode 7, as in previous outings. It’s just that normally the drama would be much more helpful if it have been tighter and more refined.

In any case, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. It is one particular move forward and two measures back again for Hyun-woo and Hae-in. After all their significant bonding in Episode 6, the bombshell minute when Hae-in was despatched the divorce papers quickly threw their connection back again into disarray.

Hyun-woo’s Unconventional Method

Understandably, Hae-in is devastated. And, reading the place, she thinks there is a sturdy chance that Hyun-woo was getting edge of her terminal disease (which he was!). What complicates issues is that Hyun-woo actually was falling back in adore with his spouse and regretting his prior actions. But his tries to console her drop on deaf ears and Hae-in’s will to are living actually dissipates with the strain.

The anxiety compounds with Hae-in’s condition and the information that the therapy failed. Prior to very long, she’s idly wandering into visitors, telling Hyun-woo – ever the hero – not to bother conserving her next time, considering the fact that what’s the place?

Hyun-woo’s outdoors-the-box alternative to this is to convey to Hae-in to continue to be alive just to dislike him to deny him the pleasure of her demise. He indulges her worst opinions and judgments of him, for her sake. It’s an fascinating character transform.

Community Enemy Variety One particular

The drama proceeds again in Korea. Eun-sung’s scheming is continuing apace, with his deal with Soo-cheol remaining finalized and all the interest in equally the embezzlement plan and the divorce palaver being directed at Hyun-woo. Hae-in’s relatives has him adopted and his business enterprise audited, and when he attempts to protect himself with theories of who could possibly have actually been associated, he’s thwarted by his lack of evidence (and the actuality that Director Jo leaves the place with Grace’s assistance.)

Hae-in proceeds to torment Hyun-woo much too. She indications the divorce papers but will only file them at her leisure, and tends to make his doing work lifestyle nightmarish. He puts up with it, but the fascinating element is, again, how Hae-in steadily commences to understand that Hyun-woo is not the monster she assumes him to be. He does not have an additional lady, he carries on to make great gestures on her behalf, and he feeds stray cats. He’s a pleasant person, he was just no lengthier in adore with his spouse.

But that is not an simple pill to swallow, so Hae-in is adamant that he just can’t make amends for the very important actuality that he wasn’t there for her when she essential him the most. And this is important also considering that, as I have been declaring all through these recaps, Hyun-woo’s unique situation was that of an absolute scumbag. Hae-in’s suitable that it will consider much more than a several wonderful gestures to make up for his earlier intentions.

Father or mother Lure

If nothing at all else, Hyun-woo was ideal to warning Hae-in about Eun-sung. When the latter satisfies Hao-in for meal, he offends her with an offhanded comment about divorcing Hyun-woo so that Eun-sung can swap him. When she leaves, even though, she normally takes a turn and realizes her medication is missing.

The huge expose of Episode 7 is one particular we’d presently figured out, which is that Seul-hee is Eun-sung’s organic mother. The string-pulling matriarch is conspiring with her son to last but not least give them their pleased everyday living collectively at the expenditure of the Queen Team the privileged remaining overthrown by the disenfranchised. Hyun-woo also learns that Eun-sung’s adoptive moms and dads had been killed in a drunk-driving incident, even with neither of them getting drinkers. The complete matter stinks.

Queen of Tears Episode 7 finishes with Hyun-woo and Hae-in reconciling

Interestingly, Episode 7 finishes with another reconciliation involving Hyun-woo and Hae-in, though this one is refreshingly not interrupted by awful news.

The key challenges persist, of class. Hae-in is nevertheless dying, and any experimental therapies could not choose. Eun-sung is however scheming, and he’ll be content to just take equally of them down along the way. And the relationship is however crafted on a bedrock of mistrust and inauthenticity.

But development is development, ideal?