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'How to Rob a Bank' Release Date and What We Know

Netflix’s ‘How to Rob A Bank’ Will Tell The Story of Scott Scurlock

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Netflix has managed to find huge success with its true crime documentaries, and at least three new features will be dropping in 2024. One of them is How To Rob a Bank, and the intriguing title will no doubt have fans of the genre wondering about the premise, among some other details, so I’ve put together everything we know right now for your convenience.

When will How to Rob a Bank be coming out?

At the time of writing How to Rob a Bank does not have an official release date.

It is rumored that the film will drop on June 5th, 2024, but that has yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix, so take that date with a pinch of salt as these things can change from moment to moment.

Who is Scott Scurlock?

The deliberately provocative title is one of the key selling points of How to Rob A Banksince it could just as easily be an instructional as a documentary feature.

However, the film is set to cover the story of Scott Scurlock, who achieved notoriety as The Hollywood Bandit. Shockingly, Scurlock was allegedly behind over twenty bank robberies throughout his spree, and the documentary will also cover the bizarre background of the crimes — that were committed in full theatrical makeup — and the strange lifestyle of Scurlock, who lived in a self-built three-story tree house.

Seth Porges Is Behind the Documentary

Seth Porges | Zocalo Public Square

The journalist, producer, director, and writer Seth Porges is behind How to Rob A Bank, and if the name sounds familiar, it could be due to his involvement in other productions such as HBO’s Class Action Park and his appearances on Mysteries at the Museum.

Porges is a confessed pinball addict and would narrate and appear in a short documentary about the game titled When Pinball Was Illegal.

Porges would be a talented editor at Maxim magazine, Men’s Health, and Popular Mechanics, and would move into writing a column for Bloomberg News. He would appear in an episode of Cash Cab way back in 2006, and would also be a participant in the whimsical Fox series Superhuman, where he would display an ability to spot art forgeries.

The New York Observer would name Porges in their list of 50 Media Power Bachelors — yes, that’s a thing — and he would also be listed in Stylecaster’s Top 25 IT Kids of 2011.

The heist genre has always been popular and Netflix has its fair share of titles for you to look at.

You could check out Lift, starring Kevin Hart as the leader of a band of art thieves on a mission to steal $500 million worth of gold.

Another option is the ambitious Kaleidoscope, an experimental series that follows a team of thieves in a convoluted caper, with the eight episodes named after different colors, but not shown in sequential order, meaning different people saw different versions of the story.

If true crime is more your thing, why not try This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist, a four-part series telling the story of one of the biggest art heists in U.S. history, with two men who proceeded to rob Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum posing as police officers. Hundreds of millions of dollars in priceless art would be taken, and nobody has ever been charged with the crime.

The post Netflix’s ‘How to Rob A Bank’ Will Tell The Story of Scott Scurlock appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.