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Myron Bolitar Returns: Unravelling the Mystery in Harlan Coben’s ‘Think Twice’ @HarlanCoben @centurybooksuk  

Myron Bolitar Returns: Unravelling the Mystery in Harlan Coben’s ‘Think Twice’ @HarlanCoben @centurybooksuk  

Source: Review copy
Publication: 23 May 2023 from Century
PP: 432
ISBN=13: 978-1529906103

My thanks to Century for an advance copy for review

How can a man who’s already dead be wanted for murder?

This is the question sports agent Myron Bolitar asks himself when two FBI agents visit him in New York.

The man they are looking for is Myron’s former client and rival, Greg Downing. Greg’s DNA has been found at the scene of a high profile double-murder, and he is now the FBI’s main suspect.

But Greg died three years previously, Myron says. He went to his funeral and gave the eulogy.

The FBI are disbelieving, and Myron knows he has to find some answers – and quickly.

Could Greg Downing still be alive?

The more Myron and his close friend Win dig into what really happened, the more dangerous their world becomes . . .

I love the Myron Bolitar/Win Lockwood series and gosh it’s been a long time (2016) since Harlan Coben gave us a new one, though we have had a book solely focused on Win. (2021). So Think Twice is eagerly anticipated and it does not disappoint, even if Harlan Coben is now giving us intimations of mortality as he shows us his characters growing older.

Myron Bolitar is a sports agent, coming out of retirement. His best friend, Windsor Horne Lockwood III is very rich and very, very ruthless. Win would go to the ends of the earth to protect Myron. Myron is Win’s moral conscience; a good man with honest intentions.

Greg Downing is dead. Myron Bolitar knows that because he spoke at his funeral. So when two FBI agents show up to see him in New York, claiming to have found Greg’s DNA at a murder scene, Myron can’t make any sense of it. Myron and Greg had a complicated relationship. Greg was a client of Myron’s, but their personal relationship was clouded by a lot of personal complications; ending Myron’s basketball career in the process.

When Greg died, Myron put all that away, but it is clear that the FBI don’t believe that Greg is dead and when Myron and Win begin to look into the murders to determine whether Greg is alive, they find themselves drawn into a whole heap of trouble.

Cecilia Callister, a former supermodel and her 30-year-old son Clay are the victims and Greg Downing’s DNA has been found under her fingernails. As it turns out, Win knew Cecilia Callister and when he and Win start to look for Greg Downing, they find themselves in the midst of a series of murders which look to have some similarities which no-one could have spotted before.

While the perspectives are mainly Myron and Win’s, Coben gives us enough of the killer’s point of view to whet our interest and make us astonished at how this clever and devilish murderer gets away with it.

Coben delivers his usual fast paced, complex thriller complete with his trademark witty dialogue, and especially Win’s caustic humour. I was particularly taken with the Las Vegas mobster, ‘Joey the Toe’ whose pincers end up poised over Myron’s sockless foot with evil intent in his eyes.

This is also, however, a more reflective book which uses Myron’s ageing parents to show the family relationships, the impact of ageing on Myron’s relationship with his parents – some of which is humorous and some both tender and poignant. Coben also explores the father- son relationships and what family really means.

Because while Myron has his parents and a son; his family is also Win, Esperanza and Big Cyndi and it is delightful to have them all feature in this splendid reunion tale.

With loads of twists and turns and some astonishing revelations, Think Twice is a book well worth waiting for. It may not be without the odd subterfuge here and there, but it is packed with tension, pace and surprises. Most of all, for fans of this series, it is magic to have Myron and Win back in the game and raring to go. I loved it.



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Harlan Coben is a no. 1 New York Times bestselling author and one of the world’s leading storytellers. His suspense novels are published in forty-six languages and have been number one bestsellers in more than a dozen countries, with eighty million books in print worldwide. His Myron Bolitar series has earned the Edgar, Shamus, and Anthony Awards, and several of his books have been developed into Netflix original series, including the no. 1 global hit Fool Me Once, The Stranger, The Innocent, Gone for Good, The Woods, Stay Close, and Hold Tight, as well as the Amazon Prime Video series adaptation of Shelter. He lives in New Jersey.
Photograph by: Claudio Marinesco