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Mother of the Bride Enjoyed Beautiful Shooting Locations

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If Mother of the Bride has something going for it — and based on our review there are very few things about it worth recommending — it’s the picturesque filming locations. The frothy and frivolous Netflix rom-com was filmed on location in Thailand, meaning that the paper-thin Hallmark-esque schmaltz at least passes the eye test.

Mother of the Bride was filmed in Thailand

Mother of the Bride was shot on location around various areas in Thailand.

A lot of shots were done in Phuket in the South of Thailand. Unlike many of the other islands in Thailand, you can access Phuket by bridge, making filming there a lot easier.

Of course, there are plenty of shots of amazing sandy beaches, and Phuket Patong Beach is a likely candidate for them. As well as those lovely beaches, you will also spot the famous Great Buddha of Phuket, an unmissable 45-meter-tall statue. The striking attraction is located in the Nakkerd Hills.

Phang Nga Bay was also used as a location and can be found between the Thai mainland and the island itself.

Who produced Mother of the Bride?

The production companies behind Mother of the Bride are named as Living Films and the long-winded Motion Picture Corporation of America.

Brad Krevoy is the named producer of the movie, and Brad has had a long and illustrious career previously working on movies such as Dumb and Dumber and The Princess Switch. Brad worked with Roger Corman in the 1980s and would go on to work on numerous Christmas-themed movies that Netflix were on board with.

What else has Brooke Shields done?

If you are of a certain age, you will be familiar with the work of Brooke Shields.

Brooke was originally a child model and made a jump into film with a 1976 shlocker titled Alice, Sweet Alice. Controversially, she would star in Pretty Baby when she was only eleven years old, and her appearance would cause shock waves due to the graphic nature of the film and the subject matter.

Perhaps one of her more well-known films was The Blue Lagoon, again controversial because of its nude scenes, with two teenagers stranded in a tropical paradise. The matter would be raised in a Congressional inquiry, where Shields revealed that many of the scenes were done with older body doubles.

Brooke’s appearances in these kinds of films would lead to many questions being raised about the abuse of children in the film industry.

Later in 1980, she would appear on The Muppet Show. Endless Love was the next big theatrical release, and you might know the theme from the film sung by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie.

Brooke’s career would continue through the eighties and nineties, including an appearance on The Simpsons and an episode of Friends. Through the 2000s she continued to work, appearing in episodes of That 70’s Show, and in 2011, she appeared on Broadway as Morticia in The Addams Family before becoming a recurring character on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

You have to admit, Brooke is a worker.

The post Mother of the Bride Enjoyed Beautiful Shooting Locations appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.