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While Rebecca Grossman awaits sentencing for mowing down Mark and Jacob Iskander while the Iskander family walked through a crosswalk, Grossman has allegedly been misusing her jail phone privileges.

Prosecutors say the recorded calls document potential criminal conspiracies, such as requests to disclose protected discovery, discussion of various attempts to interfere with witnesses and their testimony, and attempts to tamper with the jury and influence a judge from behind bars.

In one call, Grossman tells her husband to call Scott Erickson, her ex-lover and former major league pitcher, and “tell him to get on a video and that he needs to confess.” In another, Grossman is said to have told her 19-year-old daughter, Alexis, to release the body-camera video footage from the deputy on the scene even though that footage has been sealed. Her daughter responds, “I will.”

Grossman’s private investigator, Paul Stuckey, also allegedly contacted at least two jurors from Grossman’s trial. The DA argues that the only way Stuckey could have found out juror names would be to access a pre-dealing jury list, which amounts to both jury tampering and illegally having jurors’ personal information.

The Iskander family also accuses Grossman of “playing games” in court, by hiring a new defense attorney, James Spertus, currently representing Diana Teran from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. Teran is charged with 11 felonies for allegedly misusing confidential law enforcement records.

Before she was charged, Teran oversaw the prosecutors in Grossman’s second-degree murder trial. Because of this, the DA reassigned the prosecutors from the case due to a potential conflict of interest.

The DA’s office backtracked on the move days later, reinstating the original prosecutors on the case. At a hearing addressing Spertus’ conflict of interest, Judge Joseph Brandolino says he sees no sign of conflict and Grossman’s sentencing hearing will go on as scheduled on June 10. Grossman is expected back in court in early June to address Spertus’ recent filing for a new trial.

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Matthew Mangino – Attorney, Former District Attorney (Lawrence County); Author: “The Executioner’s Toll: The Crimes, Arrests, Trials, Appeals, Last Meals, Final Words and Executions of 46 Persons in the United States”
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