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What To Know About Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams

Indonesian Anthology Series Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams Coming in June 2024

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Nightmares and Daydreams is a new direction for Indonesian Netflix originals — an anthology set to present viewers with weird tales that will culminate with a season finale tying things together. Coming courtesy of Joko Anwar, the series is set to debut in June, so I’ve put together everything you need to know about the production.

What will Nightmares and Daydreams be about?

Nightmares and Daydreams is an anthology in the style of The Twilight Zone, featuring a different story in each episode, but a unifying finale.

Joko Anwar had this to say on how the show is something new in the Indonesian film and TV industry:

“This series explores the sci-fi supernatural genre, which is new in our national film industry. Inspired by my curiosity and fascination with alien stories, I dug deep into the intriguing concept of aliens that might not be far from us. The series has distinct elements to it and I cannot wait to present it to viewers.”

The official synopsis for the Netflix series catches the feel of the upcoming show in a press release:

“A sci-fi supernatural series about ordinary people encountering strange phenomena that may be keys to the answer about the origin of our world and the imminent threat we will soon face. Characters and plots will intertwine like pieces of a puzzle. And the big picture will be awe-inspiring.”

Joko Anwar and his work

The talented producer, director, actor, and writer was a journalist and film critic before moving into filmmaking. Joko made his directorial debut with Joni’s Promise, a rom-com that would see him nominated as best director at the 2005 Citra Award. His success would lead to other film work, with Joko moving into other genres.

In 2007, he directed the gritty thriller Dead Time: Kala, psychological shocker The Forbidden Door in 2009, and a horror thriller with a classic B-movie title, Satan’s Slaves, in 2017, which would do so well, a sequel would be released in 2022 called Satan’s Slaves: Communion.

In 2019 he would also approach the super-hero genre, with the epic and electrifying Gundala. Joko is also an actor and has appeared in many productions including Love for Share, Madame X, Missing, Before the Morning After, Three Sassy Sisters, The Underdogs, Daysleepers, and 27 Steps of May. 

Indonesian Tatler would go on to name Joko in its list of the most influential film directors in modern Indonesian cinema.

Confirmed Release Date

Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams will be released on Netflix on June 14th, 2024.

Cast Explained

Across seven episodes, with each episode telling a different story, there is a huge cast on board to bring the series to life. The press release reveals there are sixty-five main named performers in the show. Some of the promotional images detail several of the more prominent names, like this one:

Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams Cast Poster | Image via Netflix

The complete cast list is below:

  1. Ario Bayu
  2. Asmara Abigail
  3. Marissa Anita
  4. Fachry Albar
  5. Nirina Zubir
  6. Lukman Sardi
  7. Yoga Pratama
  8. Restu Sinaga
  9. Karina Salim
  10. Kevin Ardilova
  11. Sal Priadi
  12. Poppy Sovia
  13. Ersa Mayori
  14. Rukman Rosadi
  15. Kiki Narendra
  16. Yatti Surachman
  17. Happy Salma
  18. Ayu Laksmi
  19. Faqih Alaydrus (child)
  20. Arie Kriting
  21. Teuku Rifnu Wikana
  22. Nungki Kusumastuti
  23. Agnes Naomi
  24. Mike Lucock
  25. Putra Dinata
  26. Mian Tiara
  27. Balgis Achmad (child)
  28. Irgi Achmad Fahrezi
  29. Muzakki Ramdhan
  30. Niken Anjani
  31. Aimee Saras
  32. Justin Adiwinata
  33. Egi Fedly
  34. Haydar Salishz
  35. Natalius Chendana
  36. Agra Piliang
  37. Tora Sudiro
  38. Daood Saleem (child)
  39. Eduwart Manalu
  40. Afrian Arisandy
  41. Djenar Maesa Ayu
  42. Agus Firmansyah
  43. Nazira C. Noer
  44. Ruth Marini
  45. Putri Ayudya
  46. Faradina Mufti
  47. Imelda Therinne
  48. Tegar Satrya
  49. Nafiza Fatia Rani (child)
  50. Nicholas Sada
  51. Sha Ine Febriyanti
  52. Sita Nursanti
  53. Anne Yasmine
  54. Totos Rasiti
  55. Sarita Ibrahim
  56. Danang Suryonegoro
  57. Aqi Singgih
  58. Kenes Andari
  59. Ully Triani
  60. Vivian Idris
  61. Zidni Hakim
  62. Kartika Jahja
  63. Lucky Moniaga
  64. Lembu Wiworo Jati
  65. Jaisal Tanjung

The post Indonesian Anthology Series Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams Coming in June 2024 appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.