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Queen of Tears Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained

In Episode 16, Queen of Tears Gets The Happy Ending It Deserves

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Yes, of course, Queen of Tears has a happy ending. What were you expecting? It isn’t about the destination anyway, but instead the journey, and while it has taken a long time to get there – Episode 16 is the longest yet, if you’re interested – it has been an enjoyable ride along the way.

So enjoyable has it been, in fact, that Queen of Tears is more or less the most popular K-Drama ever. And to say there’s little original or special about it beyond really good performance and well-drawn characters, that’s quite the achievement.

The finale picks up from where we left things in Episode 15, with Hae-in having been kidnapped by Eun-sung and Hyun-woo having been badly injured in a car accident also facilitated by Eun-sung.

Seul-hee Arranged the Accident That Killed Hae-in’s Brother

But neither Hyun-woo nor Hae-in are having that. Hyun-woo checks himself out of the hospital despite his injuries almost immediately, and Hae-in instantly tries to escape from Eun-sung’s clutches. These two are just meant to be.

Eun-sung has Hae-in out in a hunting cabin in the middle of nowhere and has to indulge in his ridiculous fantasies – he thinks they’re going to take a helicopter to get married and run Queens Group together – to placate him.

While waiting for Hyun-woo, Hae-in overhears a revelatory conversation revealing that it was Seul-hee who had arranged the accident that claimed the life of her brother. Eun-sung naively believes his mother really cares about him, but she’s driven by profit above all.

Eun-sung Is Shot Dead By the Police

Queen of Tears Episode 16 (via Netflix)

Meanwhile, Hyun-woo is able to discover the location of the cabin through Grace and Seul-hee and sets out to rescue her, using a backdoor key from the housekeeper to get inside.

When Hae-in and Hyun-woo try to escape, Eun-sung catches up with them. Since he clearly can’t persuade Hae-in to be with him even after she lost all her memories, he tries to shoot her, but Hyun-woo heroically dives in front of the bullet to save her. The police gun Eun-sung down, getting rid of him once and for all.

The Hong and Baek Families Unite

In a weird way it’s Hyun-woo who manages to unite the Hong and Baek families. Sure, there was a lot of groundwork earlier in the season for the two clans to better understand their differences, but Hyun-woo’s brush with death is a real reality check for all of them, especially when everyone realizes it was him who saved Hae-in back in the day.

When Hyun-woo eventually wakes up from his surgery, the united families rejoice. There are tears aplenty, especially from Hae-in, who finally has a chance to get to know her husband. This time, though, they’ll actually have the support of both of their families.

Hae-in’s memories might not have returned entirely, but she knows intuitively who she loves.

What happens to Seul-hee?

After briefly grieving her son, Seul-hee gets back to the more important matter of taking her place as Chairman and hoovering up all the dough. She tosses the incriminating evidence against her into the sea, believing that will do it.

But no such luck. Hae-in’s entire family, with Hyun-woo as their lawyer, takes on Seul-hee in court. Hyun-woo provided the smoking gun that proved the dodgy land deal. Da-hye testified to how Seul-hee had made her hide her identity and marry Soo-cheol. Da-hye even convinces Grace to switch sides and live her truth. Seul-hee, Da-hye, and Grace are all convicted.

Queen of Tears Has A Happy Ending

The Hong Family regain Queen Group, and in the time that follows, Hae-in works to improve the department store, making it less exclusive.

Hyun-woo and Hae-in obviously end up together. Hae-in recalls more and more memories, even painful ones like the miscarriage, but that it isn’t enough to divert them from their path. They promise to stay together forever. Hyun-woo proposes and Hae-in accepts.

And they keep their promise. They live long and happy lives and raise a child together. At the end of Episode 16, we get a beautiful epilogue wherein an elderly Hyun-woo places flowers on Hae-in’s grave. Hae-in waits for him in the lavender field in the afterlife, and Queen of Tears ends with Hyun-woo meeting her there, having kept their promise to continue their love story forever.


The post In Episode 16, Queen of Tears Gets The Happy Ending It Deserves appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.