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‘He said this is all John-Paul’s fault’: Mica Miller’s Sister Speaks Out Following Untimely Death

‘He said this is all John-Paul’s fault’: Mica Miller’s Sister Speaks Out Following Untimely Death

Mica Miller’s sister reveals that there were indicators preceding her death, details she confided in her son before her untimely passing.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the Robeson County Medical Examiner’s Office in North Carolina determined that Mica, 30, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Miller reportedly killed herself at Lumber River State Park in Lumberton on April 27 — sparking speculation that she was a domestic violence victim who may not have died by suicide.

Mica’s husband, John-Paul Miller, subsequently issued a statement threatening legal action against “all individuals and media outlets … perpetuating these harmful falsehoods” that he was connected with the death or had ever abused his wife.

Mica’s sister, Sierra Francis, said during Wednesday’s “Crime Stories” episode that there were red flags in the relationship for years. She also confirmed that Mica’s husband spotted her at the mall following her sister’s death, and claimed he tried to raise Mica “from the dead” after confusing Sierra with his deceased spouse.

Sierra said that her son, who was with her, immediately claimed they needed to get away from John-Paul Miller immediately.

“We’re very open with my son,” Sierra said. “Mica has come to my house multiple times to get away from her estranged husband, so my son is very aware of the danger surrounding him, to the point where whenever Mica passed away and my son came home I had to tell him that she had passed away…He said this is all John Paul’s fault.”

John Paul and Mica Miller/Facebook

John-Paul Miller claimed Mica fatally shot herself following years of mental health issues. A pastor at Solid Rock Church, John-Paul Miller told his congregation that his wife’s death was “self-induced.”

While family members believed John-Paul Miller was involved in her death, Robeson County deputies found that Mica Miller bought the gun she used to kill herself from a Myrtle Beach pawn shop just before driving across the state line to Lumber River.

She then called 911 to tell dispatchers she was “about to kill myself” and wanted to make sure they could track her phone so her family could find her.

The sheriff’s office further confirmed that John-Paul Miller and a woman he was having an affair with were in Charleston, South Carolina, at the time of his wife’s suicide.

John-Paul Miller was relieved of all ministerial responsibilities at the church in light of his wife’s death.

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[Featured image: John Paul and Mica Miller/Facebook]

Additional reporting by Jacquelyn Gray