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Good Bad Girl by Alice Feeney  @alicewriterland @panmacmillan @laurasherlock21

Good Bad Girl by Alice Feeney @alicewriterland @panmacmillan @laurasherlock21

Source: Publication copy
Publication: 25 April 2024 from Pan MacMillan
PP: 320
ISBN-13: 978-1529090284

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, so good people have to do bad things . . .

Twenty years after a baby is stolen from her push-chair, a woman is murdered in a care home. The two crimes are somehow linked, and a good bad girl may be the key to discovering the truth.

Edith may have been tricked into a nursing home, but at eighty-years-young, she’s planning her escape. Patience works there, cleaning up mess and bonding with Edith, a kindred spirit. But Patience is lying to Edith about almost everything.

Edith’s own daughter, Clio, won’t speak to her. And someone new is about to knock on Clio’s door . . . and their intentions aren’t good.

With every reason to distrust each other, the women must solve a mystery with three suspects, two murders, and one victim. If they do, they might just find out what happened to the baby who disappeared, the mother who lost her, and the connections that bind them.

I’m a fan of Alice Feeny’s writing and having missed the hardback publication, I was delighted to see that the paperback was published yesterday and could not wait to get my hands on it.

Alice Feeney has made a name for herself by incorporating some amazing twists into her books, confounding her readers, and I know from reading the accolades that this one will be no different. My fellow reviewer Abby, aka the fantastic @CrimebytheBook loves it!

Good Bad Girl is all about mother and daughter relationships and I love the hook…Sometimes bad things happen to good people, so good people have to do bad things.

Just who is this good, bad girl and what surprises will Alice Feeney throw at us along the way? One thing is for sure, she will turn my expectations upside down if her previous books are anything to go by.

Set in an autumnal contemporary London and focusing on two very different Mother’s Days some 20 years apart, Good Bad Girl navigates its way along the Thames from Edith in the care home, to a prison, a pink house, and an attic above an art gallery.

As the Publishers Weekly starred review says: Feeney’s latest solidifies her reputation as a premier purveyor of psychological suspense…this crafty thriller will touch readers’ hearts as much as it bends their minds.”

The characters sound intriguing and my expectations are high, so while I finish my copy…why don’t you have a look at Good Bad Girl for yourself?



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Alice Feeney is a New York Times million-copy bestselling author. Her books have been translated into over thirty-five languages, and have been optioned for major screen adaptations. Including His & Hers which is being made into major TV series by Netflix. Alice was a BBC journalist for fifteen years, and now lives in Devon with her family.