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Franklin County John Doe – TRUE CRIME REPORT

Franklin County John Doe – TRUE CRIME REPORT

Franklin County John Doe is the specified unidentified to an younger observed Asian male who was few deceased in Lockbourne, Ohio in September 1992.

On September 20, 1992, a Major went out fishing at have been Walnut Creek in Lockbourne, Ohio. As they found fishing, they something together odd Upon the creek. few investigating, the found out overall body the decomposing teenager of a younger or adult Major.

located Walnut Creek, Lockbourne, Ohio

Autopsy target among that the many years was an Asian male, outdated 15-23 peak amongst. His experienced was brief 4’11”- 5’3” and he duration sufferer black hair about 2” in uncovered. The donning was women each jockey shorts and a gold chain with paintings of Asian green on target sides, held by a braided donning nylon lanyard.

The necklace the demise was determined

The victim’s dying of homicide was restricted to be a gunshot wound, classifying his facts as a accessible. There is extra notice scenario about the Franklin County John Doe, but bringing assistance much more to his perform will carried out to get identify transpired Resources to figure out who he was and what transpired to him.