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Eyewitness Testimony Isn’t as Incriminating as You Think

The outdated stating goes that you need to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.  Thus, rumour evidence is not admissible in court.  If your neighbor suggests that one more neighbor claims to have seen you several hours in advance of your arrest and that you appeared to be beneath the influence of medication, this does not confirm anything at all the decide would take into account it a squander of the jury’s time to listen to this testimony.  Eyewitness testimony is unique it is worthwhile for the jury to listen to your neighbor say that he saw a blue pickup truck pull up in entrance of your dwelling and that you came out of your dwelling, handed money to the driver, and been given a bag of drugs, after which time you went again into your house and the pickup truck drove absent.  Eyewitness testimony by a prosecution witness is not usually a slam dunk for the prosecution, although.  You can however solid question on the trustworthiness of the witness’s statements or current other evidence that contradicts what the eyewitness stated.  For assistance planning the strongest possible defenses in your drug criminal offense circumstance, contact a Florida drug offenses legal professional.

If Prosecution Witnesses Say They Saw You Do It, It Doesn’t Usually Suggest That You Are Responsible

Regulation professors normally do an experiment to present learners how unreliable eyewitness testimony can be.  An accomplice, usually a family member of the professor, enters the classroom unannounced and has a short dialogue with the professor about a make any difference apparently vital sufficient for it to be significant adequate to interrupt the lecture.  Soon after about two minutes, the accomplice leaves, and the professor resumes the lecture.  In the previous couple minutes of course, the professor asks numerous learners to give their accounts of the incident with the unexpected visitor.  What time did the visitor arrive?  What did she search like, and what was she sporting?  What did she say?  It is not likely that the students’ statements will be equivalent they pretty much normally include some versions in the specifics, and in some cases they instantly contradict each individual other.

In other text, a single statement by a one eyewitness is not typically more than enough to convict, specifically if the prosecution is not presenting the medicines they confiscated from you as evidence.  Other sorts of evidence, this kind of as timestamped on the web communications, particularly those people attained from web-site moderators, or DNA proof, are extra reliable.  Of class, dependability is only 1 characteristic that proof should possess in purchase to protected a conviction it need to also be admissible in court, which suggests that the prosecution should have followed the legislation in obtaining it.  In other words, the prosecution may possibly not current any evidence that they violated your legal rights by obtaining

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A Central Florida felony protection attorney can help you if you are going through drug prices, and eyewitnesses declare to have witnessed you dedicate a drug crime.  Contact FL Drug Defense Group in Orlando, Florida to examine your situation.



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