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Ravi Pansuriya (Carroll County State Attorney's Office) and Dr. Maganbhai Pansuriya (Eline Funeral Home)

Doctor’s dismemberment murder by his own son leaves prosecutors shocked

Ravi Pansuriya (Carroll County State Attorney’s Office) and Dr. Maganbhai Pansuriya (Eline Funeral Home)

A 31-year-old man in Maryland will spend the remainder of his days behind bars for brutally killing and then dismembering his father, a local doctor, nearly two years ago.

Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Maria L. Oesterreicher on Tuesday ordered Ravi Pansuriya to serve life without parole in a state correctional facility in the 2022 slaying of 59-year-old Dr. Maganbhai Pansuriya.

Oesterreicher handed down the sentence several months after a jury in November 2023 found Pansuriya guilty on one count of first-degree murder for killing his dad.

“Murders rarely occur in Carroll County, but this one stands out as exceptionally horrific and brutal, and because it was committed by a son against his father,” Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker said in a statement. “We hope that this verdict brings some solace to the family and friends of Dr. Pansuriya during what must be a very traumatic time for them.”

The gruesome investigation began on Oct. 2, 2022, when a young man traveling down Medford Road in New Windsor, Maryland, came across a dismembered body lying partially in the roadway, according to a news release from the Carroll County State Attorney’s Office. The body was partially wrapped in linens and a rug.

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    Authorities converged on the scene and quickly identified the remains as Dr. Maganbhai Pansuriya.

    Prosecutors noted that the body had been so severely maimed that it took sheriff’s deputies three additional days to find Dr. Pansuriya’s head and hands, which were located off Old Washington Road in Morgan Run, Maryland.

    Dr. Pansuriya’s wife had reported him missing earlier that evening, telling authorities that she came home from work and found blood spatter in the garage and house, as well as signs of a struggle in the bathroom.

    Ravi Pansuriya arrived at the home a short while later driving the family truck. Investigators performed a search of the vehicle and found blood and human tissue in the bed of the truck. From the garage, police recovered various tools, including hedge trimmers, branch cutters, an ax, a pickax, a baseball bat, a rake, and several knives believed to have been used in the slaying.

    Prosecutors said that the pants Ravi Pansuriya was wearing when he returned to the home were stained with blood that was later shown to have come from his father. The linens and rug that had been wrapped around the body were also found to have been taken from the family home. Ravi Pansuriya’s fingerprints were found on the adhesive side of the duct tape used to hold the linens and rug around the body.

    Additionally, Ravi Pansuriya was caught on surveillance footage purchasing the wooden-handled ax earlier that morning at a local Walmart.

    Dr. Stephanie Dean, the Interim Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Maryland, testified during the trial that Dr. Pansuriya had suffered 45 stab wounds, nine cutting wounds, and had blunt force injuries of the head. The medical examiner determined that the cause of death was most likely the blunt and sharp force injuries and that Dr. Pansuriya was most likely beheaded after he was killed.

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