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Did ‘Moscow Mule Mom’ Kouri Richins Throw a Champagne-Soaked Party Following Husband’s Murder?

Did ‘Moscow Mule Mom’ Kouri Richins Throw a Champagne-Soaked Party Following Husband’s Murder?

A Utah woman accused of killing her husband by mixing drugs into his drink reportedly threw a huge party following his death, reportedly after flipping a $2 million home.

A search warrant affidavit indicates Kouri Richins told investigators that the night before her husband Eric Richins’ death in 2022, she had just finalized the sale of a multi-million dollar home. She said she then made a drink for her husband and discovered hours later that he was unresponsive.

According to the affidavit, the defendant wanted to flip the home but Eric “was planning on telling her that he wasn’t going to sign the papers,” for the sale. However, he became violently ill the following morning after drinking the Moscow mule.

On March 4, 2022, hours after he died, Richins allegedly toasted the closing of the home.

“I mean, just to the nines, everything she could. This is a woman that liked the good life. Key. she always wanted more,” Investigative Journalist Elaine Aradillas said during Friday’s “Crime Stories” episode.

“Now, the flip of this home was something that Eric Richens did not want. He didn’t want to put the money out there to buy the home for her to then flip it and hopefully make a profit.”

A friend of Eric’s, Greg Scordes, added that not only did he hear about the celebration party but also learned that Kouri Richins planned a lavish vacation within the weeks of his death.

“Yes, and she’s also made a plan, Nancy, to go on a trip with her paramour in the weeks after Eric died. She’d already made the arrangements for that.” Sourdes said. “It’s [also] important to know that there was a pre -agreement, an illegal agreement. He took certain assets out of the estate that he brought in, as most prenuptial agreements are.

“But the exception to that was if he pre-deceased her, if he died while they were still married, she would get much, much more of his estate….he was worth a lot more to her dad than divorced.”

Kouri and Eric Richins/Facebook

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the defendant also self-published a book the day after her husband’s death, entitled, “Are You With Me?”

The book is about families dealing with the sudden loss of a father and husband and how children can learn to cope.

Richins was arrested and charged with Eric’s murder in May 2023, shortly before she could release a second book. She’s also charged with drug possession after buying fentanyl from an acquaintance, which was allegedly used to kill her husband.

Eric was found with five times the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system.

“When my fiance was murdered, I couldn’t even speak,” Nancy Grace added, referring to the defendant’s champagne-soaked party. “I couldn’t even think. No words could come out. Just crying.” 

Richins’ trial is currently postponed while a judge decides whether enough evidence exists to proceed.

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[Feature Photo: Kouri and Eric Richins/Facebook]