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Despite Controversy, The Shekinah Church and 7M Films Still Operate Today

The post Despite Controversy, The Shekinah Church and 7M Films Still Operate Today appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult takes a look at a church-based management company that found itself at the center of a major controversy. The Shekinah Church and its offshoot 7M Films began sweeping up successful social media TikTok dance influencers, offering them a way to expand their presence, providing better facilities and exposure, and dealing with their finances.

However, the 7M Films have been referred to as a cult, and the Netflix series provides instances of testimony from various people affected by this company, including the Wilking Sisters, Melanie and Miranda, who grew to prominence on TikTok with their dance videos.

Shekinah Church and 7M Films Explained

Even though they have faced controversy for years, with many legal cases and speculation against them, both Shekinah Church and 7M Films are still very much in operation.

The church is based in Santa Ana, California, and has been operating since 1994. Church leader Robert Shinn is also behind 7M and is the focus of many legal cases against the firm, and the crossover between the church and the dancers is quite obvious.

7M was founded in 2021 and would grow their audience through social media, with the talent they had on board garnering huge views. However, there would be dissent from some of the dancers who opted into the company, leading to various lawsuits, including claims of brainwashing, alienation, and mismanagement of their finances.

In 2022, the company denied all allegations against it for having cult-like practices, and a damning article in Rolling Stone explored the situation, eventually stating:

“A year after Rolling Stone reported that a company that managed TikTok dancers was allegedly isolating its clients, a new filing makes those accusations official”.

Do They Both Still Exist?

Yes, both institutes still operate. Despite the lawsuits and negative attention, both the Shekinah Church and management company 7M Films still operate and appear to have support.

7M Film Members Lawsuit Explained

Dancers with successful social media careers found themselves involved with 7M Films, but would later file to sue their company, as reported by Rolling Stone.

“Three dancers who previously worked with the controversial church-aligned company 7M Films are suing their previous talent manager and pastor. Aubrey Fisher-Greene, Kylie Douglas, and Kevin “Konkrete” Davis have joined four other complainants in accusing 7M owner and pastor of the Santa Ana-based Shekinah Church Robert Shinn of running a “cult” and taking advantage of his followers. The filing names Shinn, 7M, and Shekinah, along with 17 other entities and individuals.”

The church that predates 7M has also been the center of controversy, with lawsuits being aimed at Shinn by a former church member in 2009. Lydia Cheung sued Shinn for fraud and labor violations, claiming the church leader “exerted undue influence, mind control, coercive persuasion, oppression, and other intimidating tactics”. She also claimed that she was forced to work unpaid for the church.

Shinn would refute the claims, and a judge would go on to rule in Sinn’s favor. Shinn would also start his own legal proceedings against former church members, further muddying the waters around the whole situation.

The various legal investigations against the company are still ongoing.

The post Despite Controversy, The Shekinah Church and 7M Films Still Operate Today appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.