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'Deliver Me' feels like a true story due to the premise

‘Deliver Me’ feels like a true story due to the premise

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Deliver Me is a gritty and uncompromising look at a topical and controversial story that has caught a lot of viewers off guard. The death of a young boy and the circumstances behind the event kick off the drama, and the tone means Deliver Me feels like a true story, even though it’s a fictional narrative based on a novel.

Is Deliver Me based on a true story?

Deliver Me is based on a book, and although the story is fictional, we have to speculate that the events in the book may have been inspired by real-life stories, an assumption that may have more validity when you learn more about the author.

The book was written by Malin Persson Giolito, who is also a lawyer. Most writers will write what they know, so the story may have its roots in reality and possibly even cases that the writer had worked on.

Deliver Me Book Explained

The book focuses on the friendship of two young boys from different backgrounds, Billy and Dogge, and the events that lead to a tragic end for both of them.

A release for the book states:

When children commit horrible crimes, who bears the responsibility? With piercing prose and a breathless sense of urgency, Deliver Me is at once a poignant portrayal of the power of friendship and a shattering depiction of what happens when society fails to protect those that need it most. What does justice mean for these lost children and is the law capable of delivering it?”

The show, like the book, is intended as an authentic representation of how one’s circumstances and influences can lead them astray, and there are rarely happy endings when such events take place. Filmed on location in SwedenDeliver Me champions authenticity in its story and characters above all, and is a damning example of how society can fail those most vulnerable.

Background on Author Malin Persson Giolito

Malin Persson Giolito | Sveriges Radio

Malin Persson Giolito was born in Sweden in 1969 and would pursue a career in law, possibly following in the footsteps of her father who was also an author and criminologist.

Her first book, Dubbla slag, was published in 2008, followed by a second novel, Barra et barn, in 2010. However, it would be her 2016 novel, Storst av allt, which would capture the eye of Netflix, who adapted the novel into the crime thriller series Quicksand.

Giolito was pleased with the way the show turned out, so when she was approached again, this time for Deliver Me, she would once again agree to have her book adapted. However, somewhere down the line, it seems that the process would break down, and Giolito would ask for her name to be removed from the project. This is most likely due to friction caused by the production company and writers wanting to change certain aspects of the novel.

It was reported that the problems arose from disagreements with the show’s writer Alex Haridi.  Unfortunately, this is a very common complaint from writers, who do not agree with narrative changes being made and is probably more common than we think in the industry. Director David Lynch would ask for his name to be removed from 80’s sci-fi extravaganza Dune, and author Alan Moore would have his name removed from huge adaptations of his work such as Watchmen, V For Vendetta, and From Hell.

Sometimes you just have to respect your work.


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The post ‘Deliver Me’ feels like a true story due to the premise appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.