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‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 3 Will See An Even Bigger Challenge For Heron and The Greek Gods

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With Season 3 of Blood of Zeus confirmed, followers of the show will be anxious, wondering if the wait will be as lengthy as the anticipated Season 2. Fear not, as in an interview with What’s on Netflix, the creators, Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, have confirmed that a 2025 release is the target. 

So we can already think about Season 3 after that thrilling Season 2 ending. There will be plenty of conversation online about what Season 3 will entail, so I’ve broken down a few tidbits that may occur. Just as a heads-up, speculation I raise will spoil elements of Season 2. 

Season 3 Will Be Mostly About The War With The Titans

After Gaia decided to punish the Greek Gods and release the Greatest Titan of all time, Typhon, and its fellow Titans, the world and related dimensions are under a lot of risk. Unless something remarkable happens, it’s very likely that the gods will have to band together to defeat them. However, there’s going to be a lot of pain. If legend is true, Typhon is the bane of the gods’ history, with extreme measures taken in the past to contain it. This is not just any Titan. It’s a dimension destroyer. 

The first three episodes could easily be a lot of destruction and death (though death in the context of Blood of Zeus feels very different). 

Heron Is Either Dead or Alive 

The ending of Season 2 was brutal. Hades stabbing Heron straight in the chest so he could take the Eleusinian Stone for himself ultimately led to Gaia punishing them all. 

Blood of Zeus (Credit – Netflix)

It’s never confirmed if Heron survived or died. It’s possible that he is dead, but that does not mean his story is over. Going to The Underworld does not necessarily mean there is no return, as proven with Seraphim and in other related tales like the one we see in Disney’s Hercules.

It’s possible that Heron has a subplot and then returns to save the day from the Titans. Of course, this is all speculation, and he could be alive. 

Hades Could Be Ousted Along With Persephone and Her Mother, Demeter

Hades is a complex character in Blood of Zeus. His motives are understood despite being built up as a villain. Why would anyone want to be tied to The Underworld while the other Gods have much more desirable dimensions? There’s a huge shift between being the God of Heaven and the God of The Underworld.

However, the plot between Hades and his wife Persephone, coupled with meddling by the mother, Demeter, could lead to a stronger ousting. Before, The Underworld was isolating, but with the Titans released because of Hades’ selfish decision at the end of Season 2, the Greek Gods could take strong measures to stop Hades and his meddling. 

Fred Tatasciore as Hades in Blood of Zeus (Credit – Netflix)

Seraphim May Have A Redemption Story

It’s sad to see that Seraphim is always a pawn. It’s also sad that he’s so traumatized that he does not want to do good. However, I’d like to think that Seraphim redeems himself eventually and finds purpose. Season 2 sees him not caring about his spirit and only ensuring that the priestess, Gorgo, is freed from torment and lives a happy life. And I get it – he loves her, but you’d hope eventually, he’d find common ground with Heron and want to play out a legacy. 

At the same time, his mission to save Gorgo’s soul could intensify the character’s evil arc. 

Gaia Could Intervene Once More

It’s very possible that once the Greek Gods prove they are worthy, show forgiveness, and find common ground with each other, Gaia will end the chaos of the Titans. The only reason she released them in the first place is that she does not believe the gods are deserving of their roles. 

But if they prove her wrong, the story could change very quickly. 

Anyway, those are my speculative comments on Blood of Zeus Season 3 so far, but I’d love to hear more theories. Join the discussion below, and I may add some of them to this list. 

The post ‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 3 Will See An Even Bigger Challenge For Heron and The Greek Gods appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.