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Blood of Zeus Season 2

‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 2’s Ending Proves That These Greek Gods Need To Grow Up

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In Episode 8 of Blood of Zeus Season 2, a lot happens that catches you off guard, especially when the Greek Goddess Gaia decides to apply the final ruling in the seemingly needless war between the Greek Gods. It felt like the grandmother returned and grounded them all in the finale with impending doom, proving that even gods are not invincible. The ending, with a brilliant twist, sets up Season 3, which audiences will not want to wait too long for.

Anyway, I’ve broken down the main plot points of Episode 8, and there’s plenty to talk about.

Seraphim’s First Challenge

Elias Toufexis as Seraphim in Blood of Zeus Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

First, let’s discuss Seraphim’s progression through the trial in the Hidden Realm, which is the structure of the final episode. Seraphim is trying to attain the Eleusinian Stone for Hades as part of a deal to release the priestess Gorgo from an eternity of torment in The Underworld.

Seraphim reaches the Hidden Realm and faces three challenges while Hades guides him. In the first challenge, the one he loves, Gorgo, appears, but it’s not really her, and it is obvious. He’s then offered to change one moment in his past, which is to spare the pain Gorgo endured and make her happy without him. The second offer is to make him the King of Gods.

Seraphim refuses both offers, knowing it’s part of the test. Then, a dragon-like creature attacks him, and he defeats it effortlessly. I must admit, Seraphim grew on me slightly in this sequence of events. While he’s presented as a villain, his vulnerability has shown more in Season 2.

Entering The Hidden Realm

Of course, it’s not just Seraphim who is trying to reach the Eleusinian Stone; Heron is, too, knowing that if his brother claims it, world order and Heaven will be at stake.

Heron, Alexia, and Kofi reach the entrance of the Hidden Realm, which is guarded by the Kouretes. Heron approaches the guards, declaring himself. He proves he’s the son of Zeus (who inherited his power) by showing his ring. The Kouretes claim nobody has entered the Hidden Realm, but Heron suspects Seraphim is already in there. They tell him to prove he is Zeus’s son, so he can enter himself.

Heron shows his ring to the door, and the Hidden Realm opens for him.

Admittedly, I felt that for both Heron and Seraphim, it was too easy to get into the Hidden Realm. It was geared up that the Kouretes were undefeatable, stubborn guards.

(L to R) Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Kofi, Jessica Henwick as Alexia, Derek Phillips as Heron in Blood of Zeus Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Seraphim’s Second Challenge

Seraphim’s second challenge is to open a box and face his worst fear. He claims he has no fear after everything he has lost. The box is empty, initially supporting the fact that he fears nothing. The next phase of the Hidden Realm opens for him. However, he does have one fear—”failing those he loves,” and suddenly, he’s trapped.

Hades senses Heron has entered the Hidden Realm, so he tells Seraphim he is coming to help with his army.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens. The gods figure out that Demeter, Persephone’s mother, is behind the plans to retrieve the Eleusinian Stone for Hades, especially after her daughter committed to being with Hades in The Underworld. Emotional entanglements are super strong in Season 2, especially Hades’ romance subplot — it supports the motivations to collapse world order.

Heron Faces His Fears

In the Hidden Realm, Heron faces his fear in the second challenge. He is shown the day Seraphim attacked his village; if he hadn’t thrown the sword, his mother would still be alive, and there wouldn’t have been a war in Olympus. Heron asks to proceed after seeing an alternative future and fights against similar traps. Like his brother Seraphim, he is shown to be unphased and worthy of being a king.

Gaia Raises The Importance of Forgiveness

Gaia approaches Heron with his final trial. She talks to Heron about the meaning of forgiveness. She wants forgiveness to bring them all together and asks him to forgive himself, which is why he has failed in the first place. She believes if he does, he’ll become the “prophesized one” and save them all. And then she announces that one of them will be the “one,” which is when Seraphim appears.

Heron asks Seraphim why he’s helping Hades. Seraphim tells him what he has agreed to with Hades—he cares only about saving Gorgo; he doesn’t want power or order. The two fight, and Seraphim attacks the bird holding the Eleusinian Stone, which flies away.

The Gods Fight and the Eleusinian Stone’s Fate Is Decided

The bird reaches outside, and war is brewing near the Hidden Realm—the Eleusinian Stone is dropped, ready to be grabbed by anyone. Tensions rise, and the gods show up, ready to fight Hades and his army. However, in a small moment of hope, Hera appears and tells them that war is fruitless. But Hades is obviously desperate, believes war is the solution, and proceeds to attack.

Blood of Zeus Season 2

(L to R) Jason O’Mara as Zeus, Claudia Christian as Hera, and Fred Tatasciore as Hades in Blood of Zeus Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Amongst the chaos, Seraphim tries to reach for the stone, but Heron stops him. Just as Demeter is about to grab the stone, Poseidon summons a massive wave and stops her too.

And then, in a strange moment, Seraphim allows Heron to grab the stone without fighting him for it. Heron suddenly exerts great power, putting the war into a ceasefire. Seraphim tells Heron to kill Hera for their mother. However, despite his thirst for revenge, he chooses not to.

Heron chooses forgiveness—he wipes the slate clean for all those who wronged him. He asks Hades to do what he promised for Seraphim, and Hades agrees. This could have easily been a great finale in itself. Heron decided to introduce a concept to the gods that they haven’t considered themselves—forgiveness. It’s a touching moment that’s unfortunately dismantled by selfishness and yearning for power.

Hades Cannot Forgive, so Gaia Punishes the Gods

Heron tells the Gods to return to their respective dimensions to restore world order. Hades, understanding that he cannot be with the one he loves peacefully and will be trapped in the eternally painful Underworld, says, “Forgive me.” He then stabs Heron brutally in the chest and takes the Eleusinian Stone for himself.

What was meant to be a moment of triumph for Hades is quickly ruined. Gaia intervenes and tells all the gods that they have failed. She speaks the “name no one speaks”—”Typhon,” the greatest Titan of them all. The Eleusinian Stone breaks, freeing them all. Gaia tells the Gods that the time of the Titans has come. This is definitely a “f**k about and find out” kind of moment.

Fred Tatasciore as Hades in Blood of Zeus Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Final Thoughts

I really liked the finale of Blood of Zeus Season 2, and it certainly had a strong ending. I love the idea that Heron decided to be noble, living up to his prophecy and showing he was the “one” by offering forgiveness. However, the pettiness of the gods was obviously too strong. Gaia’s intervention shifts the story dramatically, and it will be interesting to see the Greek Gods battling with their existence against strong beings.

Heron’s death was also prophesized and seen by the son of Zeus himself, so Hades stabbing him at the end was not a complete surprise, but I do wonder if that’s his actual demise. His death was not exactly confirmed. Season 2 brought plenty to chew on, but surprisingly, it gives so much to look forward to in further installments.

What did you think of Blood of Zeus Season 2, Episode 8? What has been your favorite chapter of the series so far? I would love to know your thoughts. Comment below!

The post ‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 2’s Ending Proves That These Greek Gods Need To Grow Up appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.