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Backyard Grave, Mystery Blood, Sex Dungeon Reveal: More Victims?

Backyard Grave, Mystery Blood, Sex Dungeon Reveal: More Victims?

As volunteer searchers try to locate all of teen girl Sade Robinson’s remains, a gruesome discovery… this time, at a remote, tree-lined stretch of beach along Lake Michigan.

Just after 7:30 a.m., someone walking along a South Milwaukee water line discovered an arm and torso. The remains washed ashore about a quarter mile away from a nearby apartment complex. Residents watched as officers carried a body bag down the cliff to recover the body parts. Police have continued their search using a sonar detection boat to scour the lake.

During their investigations, police discovered Maxwell Anderson had a “sex dungeon” in the basement of his West Milwaukee home, according to a law enforcement source. Cops found a ‘sex sling’, restraints, and handcuffs. A close friend of Anderson’s said that on a visit to Anderson’s home last year, he noticed a large hole in the ground about 5 feet long by 6 feet deep.

Anderson said he was working on an underground basement, despite having a large basement in the home already. Neighbors say the basement in the home had small windows that were always covered, so you could not see inside.

Police also found gas cans in the garage, and blood in several areas, including on bedding and the wall of a stairwell leading to the basement. After initial DNA tests, an amended probable cause affidavit reveals the blood is not Sade Robinson’s.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Dr. Jorey Krawczyn – Police Psychologist, Adjunct Faculty with Saint Leo University; Research Consultant with Blue Wall Institute, Author: Operation S.O.S. – Practical Recommendations to Help “Stop Officer Suicide”
Eric Faddis – Partner at Varner Faddis Elite Legal, Former Felony Prosecutor and Current Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorney; Instagram: @e_fad @varnerfaddis; TikTok: @varnerfaddis
Dr. Eric Eason – Board-certified Forensic Pathologist, Consultant; Instagram: @eric_a_eason, Facebook: Eric August Eason, LinkedIn: Eric Eason, MD
Aaron Maybin- Anchor/Reporter, Fox 6, Milwaukee (WITI); Instagram @a.maybin,  FB

Additional Guests

  • Keith Cormican – Underwater Search and Recovery Expert and Director: Bruces Legacy (searching for Sade in bodies of water)
  • Sydney Sumner – CrimeOnline Investigative Reporter

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[Feature Photo: Maxwell Anderson/Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office via AP and Sade Robinson/Milwaukee Police Department]